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The hardest part in Saigon is crossing the street. You are just paralised as you see the 6 lanes of traffic and the enormous number of scooters and sometimes cars that don't seem to stop at a crossing. Nor should you expect them to. As you begin your walk across, you have to mantain a constant speed and rely on the driving skills of people avoiding you. Once you get the hang of it, the city is all yours. The arhitectural mix of Asia and Europe makes you forget where you are from time to time.

People use motorcycles for anything. They carry Christmas Trees on them, if necesarry. They speak to each other at traffic lights and then they all start driving as it's the start of a Grand Prix. A visit at the War Musem will keep you up, thinking, for at least one night.


Outside the city, remote beaches are abundant. It is not unsual to find a beach just for you. People get along very well, even if they just met, and some are very happy to be part of photographs, giving out their email so they can receive the pictures.


And photographs, we took, amazed by the beauty around us...

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