About Us



We are the ZAMs, the Zamfirescu family, composed of Mihaela-Anca and Tudor. Recently,

Dino has joined the family, a very loveable Miniature Schnauzer.

ZAM is our family business and our family passion in which we put all our attention, our soul and our work.

Together for 7 years, we started to become serious about photography about 6 years ago. Everything started on a holiday in Sighisoara when we spent a whole night on the streets photographing the city and playing with the camera settings. Since then, we have not stopped, we have challenged one another and learned from each other.


Our goal is simple: we want through our photographs to show the honest and natural side of our subjects. We want to be the invisible part of the event that goes unnoticed but does not miss a moment from the wedding story or from the lifestyle shoot, but transposes it into visual art. Our photographs are a combination of fine art, emotions and storytelling. We focus on people and feelings. The connections we develop make us feel part of the family. This is truly a great feeling.

ZAMs do travel!

We live in Bucharest, but we travel joyfully in the country or abroad for different events. 

When we travel for fun, we're still with our cameras around our necks. You can find pictures from our great experiences here.

We are happy that you visited our site and we thank you for considering letting us be part of your special moment. We are grateful and honored when someone else entrusts us with the most cherrished days of their lives.

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