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You shouldn't complain about the traffic untill you were part of a cross city ride in a Tuk-Tuk in Bangkok. This semi-frightening experience is well worth it and part of bipolar nature of Thailand. Old Buddhist temples that house 25 meters long Buddhas are scattered along modern high rises. You can eat at a modern international franchise or at a family restaurant on the beach with 2 tables and the cook is also the owner and the fisherman that got you the fish. The choice is all yours.

But the most impressive trait of this country has to be the happiness of the people. Rich or poor, they all seem to embrace life and live at the fullest. Our favourite moment was a family that played in the street outside their shop. The real joy that the game brought on their faces is sometimes lost to adults anywhere else.

It really is a privilege to watch the sunset in Wat Arun or take a night Tuk-Tuk through the hills. These are memories that never leave your mind.

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