Oana & Iulian

I admired Oana and Iulian since the first moment we have met to talk about their upcoming wedding. They seemed determined to have a perfect wedding, down to the last detail. So, of course, I was more than curious to see how it would turn out! They put my curiosity to rest soon, when I saw they are two of the most relaxed bride and groom I have seen, but also really eager to have fun. Which they did! With an innocent joy, playful and full of life, they used this remarkable qualities to gather around them a lot of close friends, that got drawn into their happiness.


The atmosphere and the schedule were so relaxed, that at one point we thought Iulian was on the verge of missing the start of the ceremony because of playing too much on his Play Station :).


I am really happy to have met you and to be part of your wonderful day.


With friendship,