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Monica & Maxi

Monica and Maxi seem to complete each other seamlessly, always knowing how to bring out the best in one another. She is more of an introvert, he knows how to find something to laugh about each passing second. Monica is from Romania, Maxi is from Argentina, and the story about how they first met resembles the start of a romantic comedy which is just now reaching the point that connects all love stories: the wedding.

And what a wedding it was... The laughter started from early morning, and it never died down. Everything is always better with friends, especially when you have a dream team of people around you. The energy just filled up the location. Two different cultures formed a perfect symbiosis connected by a sheer desire to enjoy such a beautiful moment. Once the dance started, it never stopped, and the bride and groom were in the middle of it at all times.

Thank you for offering us the privilege to take part in such a special event. The joy that you have disperssed will keep our hearts warm for a long time!

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