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Mihaela & Florin

Mihaela and Florin planned a wonderful combo of the two greatest events in one’s life: their wedding followed by the baptism of their beloved child, Vladimir, who is lucky enough to have the most ravishing blue eyes. But, to keep things simple, we decided to go ahead and give Vladimir his own private event in the “Baptism” section, while his parents awesome wedding can be enjoyed below.

I really liked that Mihaela and Florin did not care if they miss out on any tradition, instead focusing on keeping things simple and their wedding photos as candid as possible. In the first part of the day, they spent a lot of time with each other and Vladimir, followed by helping out each other get dressed and ready. I found this very intimate and special.


After the quiet start, they totally dedicated to the dear guests that took place in the event. They enjoyed it so much, they decided that they don’t want to miss a second of their party, so they even skipped the photo shoot. It was an interesting challenge for me to follow their event strictly from a photojournalistic point of view, and I believe the result reflects this :).


Thank you Mihaela and Florin!

Have a great life together!


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