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Marta & Vlad

Marta and Vlad are obviously perfect for each other. He is calm, balanced, down to earth and she is creative, smart and fun. Naturally, their wedding could not have been any other way than amazing.


It was a laid back event in which the best men wore Converse shoes and the bridesmaids had sneakers on. It involved a hot air baloon, a ride in a double decker bus and magic show. The mood was so romantic that it even led to another wedding proposal during the event!


When rain decided to play a dirty trick and try and ruin the party, guests flooded the outside deck and danced in the rain until it stopped. This was a wedding like a holiday, and the feeling was the same. You don't want to go home, you want to stay in the fairytale forever... But the story will go on for Marta and Vlad. We are sure their life will be filled with the joy they gave to all the loved ones on their special day.

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