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Ioana & Florin

I knew I was on the same page with Ioana  from the the first message that I have received from her and by the way she responded to my messages :). When we met later in person with her and Florin, we were happy to see they are two people with whom you can easily become friends, as they are very nice and outgoing.


Even from the start, the photos have been very easy to take, because they know how to have fun and laugh together, and the impending  arrival of a new family member makes them glow with happiness.

Our only concern was the weather :). Although the forecast was fair and sunshine was expected, on the way to the destination it began to rain and the weather easily turned into a rough storm. Most couples would have given up on the photo shoot, but they were still optimistic and eager to have their pictures taken, even if the dream of having a few photographs with them and the setting sun in the background became impossible to achieve.

We really enjoyed their courage, so we started taking pictures in the rain, and things quickly improved, as always in life: the sun came out, for a few precious seconds we could see a rainbow, and finally some deers started to run on the fields around us. We continued to take pictures long after sunset, all mumbled with good energy and ignoring the mosquitoes that were roaming around us.


Congratulatons on being one of the most agile and open to anything couples that we ever photographed. It really was a pleasure to be part of your story!




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