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Anca & Florin

One of our favourite couples is back! With more energy than ever, but the same trademark happiness, Anca, Florin and their baby boy, Octavian, gave us a day and a night to remember. In a gorgeous setting, the party started from the first preparations, when the bride squad and the groom tribe arrived. Taking in the scenery and preparing for the emotions to come, the time went quickly by and before we knew it we were in the woods, participating in the religious ceremony.

It was simply beautiful. What wasn't so simple was the complex dance they had prepared. The 'Dancing with the Stars' moment really jump started the party, the dancing ring was soon full of people having a lot of fun. But the surprises were far from over... Everybody knows that Anca has a superb voice, but the two songs she sang with the band and dedicated to Florin brought tears to the eyes of most people. It was just one more gesture of love among two people that care for each other so much, which is clear to anybody who sees them together.

It was an amazing experience for us. Thank you Anca and Florin. Never change.

With friendship,

Mihaela & Tudor

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