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Anca & Florin

It is never easy to entartain your guests, and everybody who was been through a wedding know that. It gets even harder to find a quiet and enjoyable moment with your new spouse! Anca and Florin passed the test with flying colors. They never got distracted, always kept an eye on each other, managed to find time to enjoy the moment. No wonder they call themselves a team. Love was in the air.


Of course, with that kind of attitude, you will get the perfect weather to appreciate the spectacular view of the rooftop on which the event took place. Even in August, this day was perfect. The temperature went down along with the sunset and the rectractable roof gave way to the night sky.


Families came together, friends enjoyed each others company, kids played on the terrace and adults gathered around the bar. Congratulations, Anca and Florin, for offering everybody a memory to cherish. Go team #fanca!

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