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Is this the real life? Because it looks like a huge movie set, The Truman Show style. Too good to be true. Roads too winding, houses on top of each other, people in old Fiat 500s moving rapidly from one place to another. Except when a bus was coming the other way and you had to make way as quicly as possible.

The view was breathtaking anywhere on the peninsula. It is difficult to choose a favourite place, as each has its own vibe but they are all connected by the love of life that abunds on every street. It all feels authentic and at the same time it transports you in a film where you are the main character, driving above the 'Nastro Azzuro', wind in your hair.

Stroll around the piazzettas, walk inside the limoncello shops, feel the cobbled stone under your feet. Or get on a boat and take in the scenery. Take a bath in Maiori Beach. Take a bath in Minori Beach.  Visit the quaint little town of Ravello for even a better view. Get lost in the atmosphere and you will have zero regrets.

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