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It's almost impossible to grasp Mexico until you have the chance to watch 'Mexico Espectacular' show at Xcaret Park. Watching its whole history unfold right in front of your eyes, makes you appreciate and realise where you are. It makes you feel for the people, the diversity, the progress, the changes.

You finally understand the talent and the genius behind Chichen Itza, its attention to details so complex that your mind is blown. People were so friendly to us, that we didn't need to find an empty table because we could just sit with anyone and become friends immediately. We were in awe to see how they protected all living beings and their habitat.         


The best way to explore the surroundings was to get a bike and criss cross around beautiful beaches an Mayan ruins, past dancing groups and lone travellers. Interact with any of them and you will start learning how to live life with a smile on your face.

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