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Iuliana & Mihai

Every couple hopes that they will have the perfect weather on their wedding day. Especially if your event will take place outside, hopefully under the bright sun that should help you fulfill your special moment that you have been anticipating for a really long time. But not everyone is that lucky. And as you cannot control it, only two options are left on the table. Either get mad and let it ruin your day, or enjoy it! Our couple chose the latter, and what a good choice it was!


Instead of bringing the party down, the intense winds seemed to make the bride and groom have even more fun. Although table umbrellas were flying by, they laughed, they joked and played like nothing could touch them. That it something worthy of admiration. People at the wedding followed the good vibes and the atmosphere lit up.

In the end, it seems you don't need the perfect day. Iuliana and Mihai were delt with a decent one that they chose and had the power to transform into something really unique.

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