Adina & Bogdan

We were thrilled by Bogdan’s idea when he invited us to take pictures, incognito, of him proposing to his girlfriend, Adina. But this was only part of the plan he has set up! He used a decoy, in the person of somebody else sitting at the next table, who was supposed to pretend to propose to his girlfriend, and a third person would ask Bogdan to film the fake proposal. It seems complicated, but it worked flawlessly. The fake girlfriend said ‘no’ and then a flash mob started.


Adina did not suspect a thing until the flash mob started. She seemed happy to participate in somebody else’s special moment. Until she realized that it was all for her… She started crying and laughing at the same time and the emotions stayed with her for a long time, spreading joy and happiness.

Even we were nervous to see if everything will work out according to plan! Not to mention Bogdan, and then Adina… We were really happy to see everything unfolding harmoniously, and the surprise was as expected. The best part was that friends and relatives were just around the corner, waiting to congratulate them.


It truly was a unique moment and the pure happiness on their faces says it all.


We can’t wait for the wedding! Thank you for making us part of your very special day!